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Victory ReviewLourds Lane: VICTORY (3:26)

Billboard Magazine: Friday, July 28, 2006
Producers: Lourds Lane, Ray Cervenka, Sherrie Fell
Writer: L. Lane
Publisher: Supergirl Music, ASCAP
Breaking Records

Billboard Underground headliner Lourds Lane inadvertently wrote a new sports anthem when "Victory" scored some prime exposure. The track caught the ear of ESPN, and the sports conglomerate has licensed it. A thick, heavily distorted bassline leads "Victory," while the remaining instruments are covered with a scratchy, industrial coat. Rousing hand claps and chants of "Get up now and fight" make the song a primal chant for domination, and it's a catchy anthem that will fit any sports stadium. Lane adds to the kick-ass quotient by sawing off an electric violin solo that whines as nastily as a guitar.

Whether it's played in a concert or being used to cheer a team on the defense, "Victory" will get fists pumping and feet stomping.-CLT



"Victory" and
"Goodbye Losers"

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