E.V.E featuring Chauncey Jacks

Look At What You've Done

Featured on MTV's "The Hills"

This is a collaboration of Producer-Songwriter, Eve Nelson, and Chauncey Jacks. Eve and Chauncey have  a magical chemistry in the Studio and this particular track was created almost as an improvisation. It is a One-take vocal, and they decided together to let the raw emotion of this song stay as it is, without attempting to over produce, with overdubs and bells and whistles.

Chauncey Jacks Bio Chauncey Jacks has been rockin' the L.A. streets for two years with her eccentric vocals and deep lyrical style. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, there is no mistaking her West Coast influence. Jacks, a die hard California loyalist, often refers to her hometown in her songwriting, painting a vivid picture of life in the palm trees. Jacks started writing and performing back in 2006 after making the staunch decision to pursue music and nothing else. Since then she has been prolific in writing incredibly soulful and striking songs.

Jacks has been known to entertain many different faces in her songwriting. Whereas her solo songs tend to be influenced heavily by the music of the late 60's and 70's, the edge of The Pretenders and Bowie with deep and provocative lyrical content, her sweet side makes an appearance when singing with Duvid Swirsky in their band "MOONSTARS", a duet of melodic harmonies, down home lyrics and a no fuss attitude.

Chauncey Jacks has been played on General Hospital, Samantha Who? and has been featured in "Jam", the roller derby film released mid 2008. Jacks is known as a true artist; never keeping a wall between her words and the ears listening.


E.V.E. featuring
Chauncey Jacks

"Look at what you've done"

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Look At What
      You've Done


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